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What is Textile Futures?

This site started as a simple blog featuring specific content on textiles, fabrics and sewing and since then has grown into a larger website detailing some of the best home design and fashion focused textile content from the UK.

The site owner and feature writer Karla, is a passionate fashion and fabrics blogger and her range of hobbies include sewing, home dress making, jaw dropping fashion statement picks and of course the latest buyers reviews on some cool gadgets, materials and home décor.

Hopefully this blog can inspire you with fresh ideas and a new outlook on cool fashion!

Karla’s Home and Design Guides

What’s Set’s Us Apart from the Rest…

We believe in not producing run of the mill content and like to focus on the unusual and quirky.

From home made silk scarves to the latest sewing machine reviews and hot tips on how to remove stains from denim – we have it all!

Karla has been a keen follower of fashion ever since she was a teenager and has tried her hand at just about all home based fabric hobbies – from sewing weird and wonderful scrunchies to dressing up in some home made artisan clothing based on the groovy sixties.

Check out her product reviews and textile based guides – you can often save some time and money by doing things in the home a little it differently.

You can find out more about Karla on the about me page of Textile Futures, otherwise why not check out some the guides below or enter a random search in the box above – who knows what you might find!

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