What Does Baste Mean in Sewing? (Explained!)

what does basting mean in sewing

Are you a beginner at sewing? You might find it important to hold the pieces together before final machine stitching. Basting in sewing is a term that is simply explained as tacking stitches in place that allow the fabric to keep torte. These stitches are temporary stitches that are designed …

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Best Sewing Machine UK: Top Picks for 2023

best sewing machine uk

Sewing has for the past couple of decades been a long-forgotten art with textiles and clothing moving to a more glamourous designer trend in the nineties and noughties, long forgotten are those handmade dresses and curtains from the sixties seventies and eighties, that defined their eras where sewing was at …

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5 Gift Ideas for the Sewing Enthusiast

You have a friend or family member who loves sewing but have absolutely no idea on what to buy them! You are not alone and there are many people reaching out wanting to know the best gift ideas for the sewing enthusiast are so we have decided to publish 5 …

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