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You have a friend or family member who loves sewing but have absolutely no idea on what to buy them! You are not alone and there are many people reaching out wanting to know the best gift ideas for the sewing enthusiast are so we have decided to publish 5 neat gift ideas…

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What Do You Get Someone Who Loves Sewing?

People often find it hard to know what to buy people who are interested in sewing. While choosing a gift for sewing enthusiasts, it is important to know the level of sewing skills and needs of the sewer.

A beginner sewer may be well-suited to sewing starter kits than multi-functional embroidery/quilting machines and sergers while a professional sewer might be longing for switching from a basic mechanical to a computerized sewing machine.

Since it can be overwhelming for a non-sewing person to know what to buy as a sewing gift, we have enumerated the 5 top ideal sewing items intensely craved by sewing enthusiasts

Gift Idea 1: Sewing Starter Kit

For beginners, there is a whole array of useful tools that make up a sewing starter kit. It is better to purchase these tools as customized kits rather than as individual tools to be tucked in a gifting basket.

Besides saving costs, this also saves the gift-giver from the inconvenience caused by searching for individual sewing items.

Some of the essentials that may enable beginners to breeze through their first craft or fashion project include seam rippers, fabric or embroidery scissors, pinking shears, tape measure, rotary cutter, dryer sheets or parchment paper, quilters ruler, magnetic pin holder, thimbles or plasters, seam gauge and a needle threader.

Seam rippers and pinking shears are one of the most important sewing tools. A seam ripper is a nifty tool designed to correct errors in stitching while the zig-zag pattern by pinking shears prevents fabric from fraying.

Dryer sheets may be replaced by regular parchment paper for applique. However, it is thicker and less pliable than dryer sheets. The quilter’s ruler is a treasure for quilters and sewing enthusiasts in general.

The magnetic pin holder is one of the best sewing supplies for all sewers. They minimise the instances when, out of nowhere, sewers accidentally swipe the container of pins, spilling them all over the dang floor.

The need for thimbles or plasters by sewers will always remain consistent. These self-adhesive finger pads make any sewing needlework, cross stitch or quilting project much easier and comfortable, ensuring that sewers can enjoy hours of sewing pleasure.

A seam gauge is a multi-purpose sewing tool with an adjustable slider and a ruler that is marked with inches on one side and centimetres on the other side. Common hem and seam allowances are also marked along the ruler to help sew with accuracy and skilfulness.

The basic mechanical machines are not normally equipped with an automatic threader function. Sewers need to thread needles very frequently – every time they start a project or need to change thread colour.

The needle threader is a perfect gift for sewing enthusiasts with these mechanical machines to help them easily guide the thread through the tiniest eye of the sewing needle.

Gift Idea 2: Sewing Machines (If you’re feeling generous!)

Though the monetary value of the gift is a trivial matter, the gift-giver may choose from the multitude of sewing machines. For sewing and tailoring professional, it may be an ideal option to help in upgrading their sewing experience by gifting from a wide range of basic, embroidery, quilt machines and sergers.

When looking for a sewing machine, you do not need to spend hundreds of pounds, even the basic ones include professional-level features such as a zipper foot, buttonhole foot, embroidery foot, removable extended work table and an area for storage. Top brands like Singer, Pfaff and Brother all have budget models that are favourably reviewed.

You may also opt for machines that make sewing a whole lot easier; some machines also carry complementary features like a thread cutter, automatic needle threader, lights, free arm, blind stitching and built-in buttonholes.

Gift Idea 3: Extension Tables

An adjustable extension table is well-suited gift for all sewing levels, particularly for someone who carries out many quilting projects or sews heavy curtains.

Portable extension tables eliminate the need of a dedicated sewing space and are only a fraction of the price of the traditional super functional sewing machine tables.

Extension Tables are a good solution for storage problems; this is corroborated with affordability to make this sewing tool an excellent gift for sewing enthusiasts. Before purchasing, it’s a good idea to confirm the model and brand of the sewing machine to ensure the extension table fits properly.

Gift Idea 4: Working Lamp with Magnifying Glass

Sewing enthusiasts usually work on sewing machines for long hours which can be stressful for the eyes, especially if the machine does not incorporate an automatic threader.

A good sewing lamp with a magnifying glass solves the problem by allowing the sewer to sew with greater concentration and reduces eye squinting.

You could choose between a table and floor lamp depending on the sewing setup but floor sewing lamps are generally preferred due to easy mobility between the different stations – ironing, cutting and sewing.

Gift Idea 5: Small Hand Vacuums

Finally, for our last gift idea…small battery-driven vacuum cleaners are battery operated with the standard running time of around 30 minutes and make innovative, cool gifts for sewers.

These are extremely handy cleaning tools and unlike air blowers which blow the lint and dirt further into the machine actually help to extend the life of a sewing machine.

Wrapping Up Our Sewers Gift Guide

To complement the above tools, you could also take a closer look at other sewing specialist gadgets such as art bins, scissors, sewing baskets, jelly rolls and fat quarter bundles, pin cushions, spool racks, spool huggers and sewing feet kits.

They may also be paired with embellishing tools like rhinestones and studs to gift the sewing enthusiast an all-encompassing sewing package that will make their mich loved designs come to life!