How to Get a Stain Out of a White Shirt? – Solved!


Stains happen. Whether you’re a parent, a pet owner or just clumsy, it’s not always possible to avoid them. Even if you do everything right (wash your clothes immediately after they’ve been stained), sometimes stains are impossible to get out of clothing. And then there are the times when we …

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How to Remove Water Stains from Fabric: Step by Step

Accidents happen, especially When food and kids are involved! Staining a perfectly good fabric because of an inevitable incident is a common problem. Whether it is the table cloth, carpets, the favourite sofa or freshly washed sheets, removing a water stain can get tricky but not impossible! So today we, …

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How to Remove Biro from Fabric the Easy Way!

If you’re using a ballpoint pen often, chances are that at one point you will end up with biro stains from clothes or fabric. This happens often, as some of the ballpoint pens either break with ease or leak ink and we are not talking about washable markers either but …

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