Orla Kiely Style Wallpaper

orla kiely style wallpaper

Striking a modern but vintage retro look with her simplistic 1960s UK inspired designs, Orla Kiely’s textiles is amongst one of the most desirable looks in wallpaper design. Often referred to as “Happy prints” that make you smile, her designs strike a union between old and new and it is …

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Best Wallpaper Steamer for Removing Wallpaper

cheap wallpaper steamer

When deciding to re-decorate your room, the first problem encountered can easily be the wallpaper hanging on your walls and how to remove it. This annoying problem stands in your way before you can even contemplate opening a tin of paint or wall filler. That’s why the best wallpaper steamer …

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Cheap Wallpaper Under £5 – Is it False Economy?

What Should I look for When Buying a Sewing Machine?

In today’s world, people prefer purchasing products they need online over going to stores, which is the conventional method. Why? Shopping online has numerous advantages and benefits. No crowds, better prices, no sales pressure, more variety, more control, convenience, easy price comparisons, privacy for discreet purchases, access to damaged or …

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Moroccan Style Wallpaper

Moroccan style wallpaper

Moroccan Style Wallpapers: A Guide to Have a Compelling Interior Design Morocco is a relatively small country in Africa, uniquely situated in the Northern tip of the continent. Because of its location, its culture, architecture, and interior design have been largely influenced by European and Middle Eastern cultures. That explains …

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