Brother LS14 Sewing Machine Review

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The Brother LS14 is a really great place to start if you’re a novice sewer or wishing to start a new hobby with a beginner’s machine. This model was introduced to Brother’s range in 2011 it’s small and relatively lightweight with easy to use instructions and a simple threading system.

The Brother LS14 is one of the cheapest and most reliable sewing machines on the UK market which makes it a versatile learning tool for a young sewer or even children, with its value for the money price tag it’s a great place to start your sewing journey. For experienced sewers, it’s also a great model because of the metal chassis and reliability.

What makes the Brother LS14 a cut above the rest? – Comparisons with other low budget sewing machines are favourable; with our Brother LS14 sewing machine review ticking all the boxes in reliability, ease of use, price and versatility. With one small drawback being the system of shortening or lengthen your stitches.

This machine only offers a set length stitch setting so there is no dial for manually adjusting these parameters. This small detail, in the beginning, is of little consequence especially if you’re a novice but later down the line when your expertise grows you may find your sewing machine limiting your projects with its limited stitch selection.

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Features of the Brother LS14 You Will Like

  • Light weight 6.2 KG – great for moving around
  • 14 different stitches
  • Sturdy metal chassis
  • Top loading drop in bobbin

Getting Started

The best place to start with this sewing machine is the clear instructions and diagrams that are always useful when threading a new sewing machine. Brother has years of experience in the UK sewing machine market make them experts at publishing really solid quick start guides that are always well written and easy to follow.

Make sure you have a good surface to work on and plenty of room before you begin a new sewing project. A good tip is to have several scraps of material in different weights to practice before you tackle the job in hand, this saves you unpicking later!

Included in the box apart from the machine itself are a foot pedal, power leads, spare needles and bobbins, attached is the zigzag/straight stitch foot plus an additional zipper and buttonhole foot, so no need to buy any extras.

Bobbin System & Needle Plate on the Brother LS14

With a top-loading bobbin system, the LS14 straight away has an advantage over other sewing machines in this budget range.

Most manufacturers choose the front-loading option, the difference between the two is with a top loading bobbin you can see the thread in the bobbin, this helps with keeping an eye on your thread just in case of snags or running low on cotton. Threading the bobbin is incredibly easy with instructions actual printed on the machine.

Stitches and Buttonholes

A total of 14 stitches are available on the LS14 all but 2 are either straight of zigzag in different lengths or widths. The stitches range in size from 1.6mm to 4.00 mm giving a good variety of useful stitches. There is not an overlocking stitch however you could make use of the zigzag along hemlines for the same purpose.

A four-step button hole feature is easy to use although more complicated than a one-step buttonhole which is usually found on mostly medium range sewing machines and not on budget sewing machines. If you require a machine for this purpose the LS14 is not the machine for you!

How Much Sewing Power Does the LS14 Have?

This Brother model does not have a high-powered motor and at 50 watts is little on the lower end, this is not a problem for most applications, being able to sew through multi layers of fabric for a hemline or copes well with dressmaking craft and home textiles. With the ability to tackle all that a sewing newbie would want without stitching at a million miles an hour allows for effortless controlled stitching.

Although not really suitable for heavy fabrics such as denim or leather, it copes quite well with upholstery fabrics for curtains or cushions providing you use the right needle and stitch.

Free Hand Stitching

Freehand stitching is not available on this sewing machine as the feed dogs that grip your fabric underneath cannot be lowered allowing freedom in stitching.

This feature is generally not something most first-time sewers would require as it’s a more experience feature for creative sewing. However, you could purchase a separate darning plate and presser foot if you wanted to try this out at a later stage.

Presser Foot Selection

The Brother LS14 sewing machine comes with three feet which are designed to clip on for easy use:

  • Straight Stitch & ZigZag Foot
  • Buttonhole Foot
  • Zipper Foot

Purchasing additional feet is not necessary unless you are considering more adventurous creative stitching which this machine is not really designed for.

Pros and Cons of the Brother LS14 Sewing Machine:


  • Easy to set up, takes just a couple of minutes
  • Smooth controlled stitching
  • Versatile Accessories (no extra expense)
  • Light weight
  • Good quality entry level sewing machine

Cons: No dial to lengthen stitches

Final Thoughts on the LS14 from Brother

Simply put, this modern metal chassis beginner sewing machine is portable and lightweight enough for even a child to use. It comes with all the accessories needed with clear instructions to make it easy to use for first time sewing machine users.

Brother is a trusted name in sewing with over 100 years’ experience, their products are well designed and easy to use, plus they have a good guarantee period for additional peace of mind.

This Brother LS14 sewing machine is available in the UK on the high street at stores such as John Lewis but also available to purchase at the best prices in the UK with online retailers. We have found some of the lowest prices for this machine included on this Brother LS14 sewing machine review. The LS14 has a multitude of five-star reviews from customers who have purchased this practical, budget, but high-quality sewing machine.

If you’re looking to get on the road to creativity or teach a pupil the art of sewing and need a good entry-level sewing machine this is the machine for you. As one of the best-selling sewing machines in the UK, the Brother LS14 sewing machine mixes affordability with quality, a good range of stitches for different tasks, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t take advantage of the expert tease this Brother sewing machine has to offer.