Singer 1507 Sewing Machine Review

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Are you looking for a beginner sewing machine in the UK or hoping to get your kids on the road to creativity? The Singer 1507 Sewing Machine is the perfect place to start. Singer prides itself on producing quality yet affordable sewing machines and this well-designed 1507 model ticks all the boxes for anyone who is wishing to take up a new hobby, fix some clothing or maybe recycle their wardrobe.

Designed with a sturdy white plastic outer case and added dust cover, hides the real quality behind the metal inner workings of this novice learners’ machine. Like all Singers, it comes with a good range of accessories and instructions that are clear and easy to understand. Read on for a more in-depth look at the UK Singer 1507 Sewing Machine.

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Features to Like on the Singer 1507 Sewing Machine

With a budget price tag, Singer has produced an out of the ordinary UK compatible sewing machine designed for beginners or children but capable enough for a seasoned sewer. Inside the box, you will find a good range of accessories and clear instructions. Printed threading guides on the actual machine makes set up and threading a doddle a great way to get started with your sewing adventure.
An overview of great features you might like on this Singer 1507 include:

  • Light weight & portable
  • 8 essential stitches
  • Heavy duty metal chassis sewing machine with built-in storage
  • Darning Plate for free hand stitching

Getting Started

What really stands out on the Singer 1507 is the sheer power and versatility of the machine allowing for smooth sewing, complete control of stitch length with the handy disk dial located on the top.

A large dial on the front allows for a straight forward choice of stitches, so it’s easy to make adjustments to get exactly the stitch you need.

** A handy tip is always to practice your stitching before you start on your main project, so try to keep remnants of fabrics for this purpose. **

Budget Price without Compromising Stitching Power

A little powerhouse of a machine with a massive 84-watt motor, unlike a lot of entry-level sewing machines it won’t have any problems tackling multi-layers of fabrics or heavier textiles like upholstery fabrics or velvets.

It’s perfect for remodelling your textiles at home or crafting for beginners; so this little machine can tackle most jobs with ease.

Bobbin System & Needle Plate

Standard with most entry-level machines, this model has a front-loading bobbin which is a little trickier than a top-loader but easy to get the hang of once you have threaded the machine once or twice. Loading the bobbins with thread is easy with clear instructions to follow.

3 bobbins are included in the accessories, a useful addition especially if your planning on sewing a large job and need more than one ready loaded with your chosen thread.

Stitches and Buttonholes

8 different stitches are available on the UK Singer 1507 Sewing Machine model with one or two attractive decorative stitches which is a nice bonus for an entry level sewer.

Here at Textile Futures we particularly like the crescent moon stitch. As with most basic machines, there is not an overlocking stitch but a good zigzag which is adjustable using the stitch length and width adjustment allowing you to finish fabric edges to prevent fraying.

The buttonhole stitch has 4 easy to follow steps and can be selected from the stitch dial on the front of the machine. Being a more technical job than straight stitching buttonholes can require a little practice before perfection can be achieved!

Powerhouse Stitching

As already mentioned with both a heavy duty metal interior and a good sized 84-watt motor the Singer 1507 out powers most of its competitors, it’s not a machine that will struggle with speed or layers of fabrics with the right needle sections it should be able to tackle almost any jobs with the obvious exceptions of heavy vinyl’s or Leather.

The larger motor powerful interior will also help with longevity creating less stress on the sewing machine which should give you years of uninterrupted sewing.

Free Hand Stitching

Free hand stitching is available on the Singer 1507 with the use of the darning plate this comes as standard with the generous accessory set. This allows you to create freehand sewing, making more creative sewing an option. Freehand sewing can be used for adding quilting, monograms, intricate patterns or decorative buttonholes.

Installation of the darning plate is fast and easy – it is placed over the sewing machines’ teeth, stopping the feed teeth from gripping the fabric, this gives you the freedom to take the stitching in any direction desired to create patterns not available on a lot of entry level machines without buying a sperate darning plate.

Presser Foot Selection

The Singer 1507 model has 3 sewing presser feet that come as standard they cover all the basics sewing tasks that you need plus, they are easy to change with ‘snap-on’ feet making changing presser feet an effortless task. Options on the Presser Foot include:

  • Straight stitch & zigzag foot
  • Buttonhole Foot
  • Zipper Foot

There is an added feature worth mentioning here, the ‘extra high presser foot lifter’, this allows you the option to increase or decrease the presser of the foot, something that’s useful when tackling different weights of fabrics.

Delicate fabrics can be an issue with some basic machine because the foot pressure doesn’t always suit the weight of your fabric and causes snags or damage to the fabrics. Singer 1507 allows you to gauge which weight of pressure you need to help feed the fabrics through the sewing machine making for a trouble-free sewing experience.

Overview: Singer 1507 Sewing Machine Review


  • Powerhouse Effortless stitching
  • Simple and clear threading instructions
  • Free hand sewing options
  • Mobile and lightweight
  • Affordablr price tag

Cons: Fiddly Front-Loading Bobbin

Is Singer 1507 Sewing Machine Really for You?

Robust and ready for anyone to start learning with this Singer entry sewing machine has everything needed for effortless sewing plus the big-name brand reliability. Creative and powerful a good-looking machine with easy to follow instructions to teach even the complete novice the art of sewing.

Price comparisons with other budget entry-level sewing machines make this good value for money. This Singer 1507 Sewing Machine model needs serious consideration!

Available to buy both at UK high street at stores like Curry’s, Amazon and Argos plus online, with the best price available for this Singer 1507 Model on display here you should take the time and read other reviews which are mostly very favourable.

In essence, the Singer 1507 offers reliability, creativity, power and simplicity, the four attributes required for every sewer, not just the sewing newbie. Perfect for pattern sewing, textiles, recycling fabrics, crafting and repairs. An all in one solution with no additional cost required to tackle any job.