Singer Sewing Machines

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singer sewing machines
From the innovation of one-man Isaac Singer, came one of the biggest names in sewing machine manufacturer not only in the USA but worldwide. Isaac Singer invented his first sewing machine in 1850 and patient it in 1851 and the revolution began, no longer would garments need to be sewn by hand but with this exciting new development, the sewing machine was born.

With the help of a New York lawyer, Isaac Singer would start the largest sewing machine company in history opening first in 1851. By 1863 they had expanded their operation to New Jersey where they built the first mass produced sewing machines. These machines embodied an era where inventions of machinery, that would transform the lives of everyone.

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Singer Firsts: Fun Facts!

  • First Sewing Machine – August 12, 1851
  • First Light Weight Domestic Machine – The Grasshopper™, 1858
  • First Electric Machine – 1889
  • First Zigzag Machine – Slant-O-Matic™, 1952
  • First Electronic Machine – The Athena 2000™, 1975
  • First Computer Controlled Machine – The Touchtronic™ 2001 – 1978

Singer became a global brand in sewing with 90% of the market running into the 1900’s they were the leading force in innovation they actively expanding their range into the home with more practical and light weight sewing machines.

Hit by a slowdown in sales through the early 1920’s, Singer produced what is their most icon sewing machine ‘The Featherweight™ 221’, this machine was manufactured through to the 1960s over 30 years in production.

Singers Range of Sewing Machines

Singer have 5 different categories for their present range of sewing machines.
Compact, Standard Mechanical, Simple Computer, Advance Computer, Sewing & Embroidery.

Compact or Entry level Singer Machines

If you are looking for a great entry level beginners’ machine from a trusted brand Singer is the obvious choice, with their ‘Compact’ range you get good design and simplicity usually with easy to follow instructions and simple threading guide. These practical well-designed sewing machines are the perfect place to start.

Singers Standard Mechanical Machines

These sewers are an upgrade on the compact range with a good level of stitches and features, they suit a more seasoned sewer with applications for both crafting and textiles. This range has the classic heavy-duty distinctive grey body range of sewing machines designed to tackle more intense projects using heavy materials like leather or denim. For those who don’t want a computerised sewing machine they are ideal with features including needle threaders and simpler one step buttonhole stitches.

The Simple Computer Range

These machines are very like the entry level basic machines but with the added feature of computerised technology. These sewing machines are perfect for a complete newbie as they offer a new way to control your stitching without the use of a tradition foot pedal. For absolute control these computerised machines offer the best option for perfect stitching however, if your use to using a foot pedal models in this range have both options.

The Advance Computer Range

As with the standard mechanical sewing machines you get a lot more than a basic computerised machine, created for the mid-range sewer this group of machines are both capable and well designed, innovations in computer technology have made for high powered intuitive sewing with many applications whether your updating your home textiles or considering going into business. They have a large range of stitched and features expected, plus good speed and power to get any job done!

Embroidery & Quilting Machines

With the creative crafting market in mind this range of machines offers you the opportunity to try out something different than standard sewing, with options for both set stitch embroidery or free hand embroidery.

Perfect for personalisation and designs which their other range of sewing machines cannot offer. They have the largest range of stitches and functions with options for quilting included. These are high-end innovative sewing machines designed by Singer with creativity and stitch accuracy in mind.

Singer is a well trusted and liked brand in the marketplace with most people recognising their signature black and gold vintage machines from years gone by. A good place to start if your unsure of which sewing machine brand to start with as they offer everything that any level of sewer would need.