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Cushions can give a room an instant lift. They can provide an interesting texture, a pop of colour, an eye-catching pattern and a sense of indulgence. A huge variety of extra large cushion covers can be found on many UK shopping websites – from floor cushions to sofa cushions and velvet to silk, there is something for every room and every budget.

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Cushions are a very flexible accessory because there are so many elements that can be varied.

The size, colour, pattern, texture, fabric and detailing of the cushion cover all impact the overall look and style. 65cm x 65cm extra large cushion covers are suitable for use in a range of rooms and settings. Read on to see the choice of these versatile covers that is available.

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Large Floor Cushions

Floor cushions work brilliantly in the living room, snug, or playroom (even on Karndean flooring).

They can be used as an extra seat and are particularly popular with children.

When choosing floor cushion covers, think carefully about the choice of material, since floor cushions tend to get a bit more wear than sofa cushions. BIGU make a range of hard-wearing corduroy covers that come in a host of colours.

They also have a handy zip to make washing them easier.

Suede is another good choice for floor extra large cushions:

Pet n Home’s faux suede 65cm x 65cm cushion covers come with Valesoft fibre-filled inners for extra bounciness!

These covers are available in solid black, cream, and fuchsia pink. Woven fabrics are similarly durable and tend to be available in more interesting patterns.

Sofa Cushions

No sofa is complete without cushions to add some extra comfort, support and luxury.

Using a mixture of sizes, with the smallest cushions at the front, gives an attractive finish as well as providing lower back support.

One clever approach is to choose plainer large cushions, such as the Comoco range, in a similar colour to the sofa but a lighter or darker tone. Smaller patterned cushions can be added in front of these. Comoco covers are handmade using durable, breathable fabric.

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Some of the colours in the range, notably the red and the green covers, are quite striking, but there are also several subtler neutral colours to choose from.

Ivory, camel, and grey all provide an unobtrusive background. For extra interest, the Comoco cushions, which generally come as a set of 2, are available with sculpted flower patterns that are not necessarily any more expensive.

The hidden zippers are convenient for putting these covers in the wash.

Sourcingmap has created a range of corduroy cushions covers that are also perfect for sofas and come in similar sizes to the Comoco styles at a similar price.

However, they come in gentler pastel shades so may be more appropriate depending on the decor of the room. They can be purchased as a single cushion cover or a set of two.

A third option is the J&T linen cushion covers.

Cotton Lined Cushions & Covers

The cotton-lined fabric is durable and provides a delicate textural contrast against most sofa fabrics.

The 8 colours in this range are quite bold but do complement one another very well. Different colours can be combined because the beautiful linen fabric provides coherence.

For a softer feel, try the Easondea luxury sofa cushion covers range. The soft plush material gives a luxury feel without the associated expensive price tag! Again, the colours are bold enough to really make a statement.

Large Cushions for the Bedroom

Choosing cushions for the bedroom is slightly different from choosing sofa or floor cushions.

Bedroom cushions are primarily for adding decorative interest or perhaps to provide a little extra support when sitting up to read a book in bed.

The materials don’t necessarily need to be so hard-wearing, but they do need to be soft and gentle and to co-ordinate with the duvet cover or throw.

Bedroom decor is often quite simple and calming, so cushions need to add a little bit of interest without changing the mood of the room too much.

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Unimall makes some stunning Moroccan Bohemian style 65cm x 65cm cushion covers, which can also be used as square pillowcases.

The patterns are a beautiful boho chic Indian design. Made with 100% brushed cotton, these Unimall cushion covers add warmth and detail.

They can be combined with simple white sheets for a stunning contrasting look, but Unimall also sells bedding in various sizes if you want to continue the boho-chic look.

The BOLOG range of cushion covers are worth looking at for the bedroom as they come in such a wide range of colours that there is sure to be something to match every bedroom design.

These are a good budget option, since they have high quality features such as invisible zips but can be bought for less than £10. The Comoco and Sourcingmap 65cm x 65cm cushion covers mentioned above are also worth a look if you are after specific bold or pastel colours.

If you’re looking for cushion inners for the bedroom, check out the natural duck feather filled pads from Cotton Mills.

The 100% natural feather filling is protected by 100% cotton anti-dust mite casing, making these cushion inserts perfect for use in the bedroom, where allergies are more of a consideration.

The feather filling gives these cushions enough substance to achieve a really plump finish and offer good support. For extra plumpness, consider buying the cushion inners a size bigger than the cushion covers.

Alternatively, ROHI manufacture hypoallergenic polyester cushion pads.

Made in the UK, these come in a variety of sizes (including 65cm x 65cm) and are even backed by a money-back guarantee!

Extra Large Velvet Cushion Covers

Whichever room you are furnishing, you can make a real statement by using velvet cushions.

This gorgeously luxurious fabric can be a little overwhelming if used for multiple large areas such as sofas and curtains but it works brilliantly for cushions.

MIULEE Velvet Soft Decorative Square Throw Pillow Case Cushion Covers Pillowcases for Livingroom Sofa Bedroom with Invisible Zipper 26'x26' 2 Pieces Jam

The Home Brilliant solid velvet throw cushion covers are made with a stunning shining velvet material on both sides.

These need a bit of looking after: they can only be machine washed on a cold, gentle cycle and tumbled on low.

However, the soft sheer velvet fabric is incredibly comfortable: Home Brilliant says it is as soft as baby skin!

These cushions have been made with the living room and bedroom in mind and would make a deluxe square pillowcase.

KAMIXIN offer a slightly cheaper alternative that is again made with super soft velvet that is really lovely to touch and they come in a range of sizes.

Large Silk Cushion Covers

Silk is another sumptuous tactile fabric. If the feel of your cushions is a big factor in your choice then look at the Townssilk collection.

Made with 100% pure grade 6A mulberry silk, both sides are pure silk with not a hint of polyester.

The extra-large cushion covers from Townssilk offer all the benefits of silk, such as being hypoallergic and gentle against the skin, and at less than £30 these are a real bargain.

Ethlomoer 100% Natural Pure Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin, Both Side 19mm, Hypoallergenic, 600 Thread Count, Luxury Smooth Satin Pillowcase with Hidden Zipper, 50x75 cm, Peacock blue

Excellent customer reviews are a testament to the sewing quality, which is superb. Make sure that you follow the washing instructions – silk needs to be looked after!

For an even more decadent look, try the Royal Blue and Silver covers from The HomeCentric.

These are embellished with beads and sequins and are made with durable art silk. They also sell silk covers with an exquisite floral pearl bead pattern.

Geometric Cotton Cushion Covers

Amazon offers an extensive range of cotton extra large cushion covers in sizes from 60cm, 65x65cm and 70cm.

These generally offer excellent value for money, being made from a hard-wearing fabric that tends to wash well.

The TAOSON collection features wonderful geometric designs to give a really contemporary look that works well against a plain background such as a monochrome sofa.

These are handmade from a 100% cotton canvas cloth material.

The Argyle Orange and Argyle Blue come in a striking triangle design, while the chevron design comes in a wide range of colours including an on-trend light grey.

These are worth looking at for children’s rooms as the designs are fun and colourful.

TAOSON Large Triangle Geometric Pattern Cotton Canvas Pillow Sofa Throw Cushion Cover Pillow Case with Hidden Zipper Closure Only Cover No Insert 25x25 Inch 65x65cm -Argyle Orange

If you are looking for cotton products, the Homescapes organic cotton cushion pads are worth a look.

They come with a cotton casing and a choice of microfibre or duck feather fillings.

For the bedroom, Great Knot make a pair of 100% Egyptian cotton percale continental pillowcases, measuring 65cm x 65cm.

These are machine washable up to 60C, offering long-lasting quality and softness.

Finally, check out the Soleil d’Ocre plain cotton pillowcase, which comes in smart solid colours and is again made of 100% cotton.

Cushion Covers and Beds for Pets

If your pets are feeling a little left out, don’t worry! It’s possible to find soft, durable cushions and pet beds for cats and dogs too.

The baibu corduroy range are tough and machine washable.

They are available in several colours, including dark blues and browns that will helpfully disguise a little dirt!

However, for cats or dogs that are a little more discerning and prefer a luxurious life, Nunubee’s velvet 65cm x 65cm cushion covers are perfect for dog or cat bed.

Whether you prefer cotton, velvet or silk, it’s possible to find 65cm x 65cm extra large cushion covers and cushions that will add the perfect finishing touch to every room.

Make sure that you think about how you’ll want to use your cushions and any preferences you have about how they can be washed or cleaned. There are designs available for every lifestyle and budget.