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Have you suffered from lower back pain after sitting or lying on your sofa, bed or chair? Losing sleep or unable to settle into your favourite armchair after a long day at work? At Textile Futures we hope our informative guide will help you overcome this annoying and painful condition – maybe you are reading this and are asking yourself where do I buy a back support cushion for an armchair?

Lower back pain is mainly due to the development of spinal curvature after prolonged sitting or lying whether you are at work or relaxing at home this condition can seriously affect both sleep patterns and quality of life.

Back pain can be helped with lumbar support cushions rather than replacing your existing chairs or beds or changing the way you sit or lie down to help this condition. We hope our article will explore the existing solutions and enable you to overcome what can be a serious and frustrating problem.

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What is Lumbar Support?

Lumbar support is incredibly important for mobility and flexibility in your lower back, both now and later in life. This occurs through many different types of support in chairs, mattresses, belts and also more unusual supports such as corsets or body shaping garments. Lower back support is important to enable you to have flexibility free from what can be a very painful condition.

Support or strengthening of the spine and muscles around the lumbar area is vital, as damage can result in back stiffness, difficulty in walking and severe lower back pain which can seriously prevent you from enjoying your life. With lumbar support you can help prevent damage in later life when those annoying twinges start. Understanding what to do and how to prevent or control this condition is an important part of understand how back support cushions for armchairs and beds can work for you.

The Best Armchair Back Support Cushion

Armchair back support cushions come in a wide range of both fabrics, shapes, sizes and types, fitting easily into most armchair, they are capable of making a difference to both your mind and body without breaking the bank. Designed to orthopaedically cradle your lumbar back region Instead of needing to buy expensive replacement chairs making them an affordable solution to a crippling health problem.

Cushions for armchair lumbar support are ergonomically designed in colourways to complement your décor. They come in a number of sizes, small, medium, large and XL fitting a variety of armchairs, usually with washable covers.

If you are looking for something that doesn’t look out of place in your living room a neutral shade or simple grey padded memory foam cushion may be more suited, brighter fabrics are also available with designs in cotton or polyester fabrics. Faux sheepskin and suede styled finishes prove to be popular as they offer that luxury alternative touch.

The Best Way to Sit on a Chair to Avoid Back Pain

Acute lower back pain can be reduced by changing the way you sit, this can be achieved by following these guidelines and adjusting your seated position. Firstly, sitting for prolonged periods is not advisable try to limit this to 30 minutes before you move out of the seated position. Try to keep your hips and knees at right angle this may well incur the use of a foot stool. Crossed legs are a big no no, always try to keep your feet on the floor as they help support your lower back. Try a rolled-up towel or back support at the hollow of the spine to replicate the natural curvature of your back. Using these tips for 2 to 3 weeks will help your back to recover if you are already a back-pain sufferer.

Sofa Back Support Cushions

After a busy day we all like to relax in our living room by lounging or sitting on our sofa, we don’t need this niggly problem disturbing our valuable downtime, why not try to help yuorself by buying a sofa back support cushion. Unlike chair supports these can simply replace or go on top of the cushions already attached to your sofa matching your chosen sofa design.

They come in many different shapes and sizes, there are many alternatives to suit, producing a solution for all needs. The Best cushions tend to be triangular wedge sofa supports with curved neck rests, or memory foam curved supports.

Our favourite style here at Textile Futures are luxury back booster cushions in different thicknesses from 3 to 5-inch depths. Double hinged cushions are popular covering both seats and back pads in one go, even if you have a 2, 3 or 4-seater sofa. Cushions come in many fabrics’ soft velvet’s or cottons and colours ranging from chocolate brown to sage green are available online in the UK.

How to Sit or Lie on Sofas to Avoid Back Pain

Sofa’s can be a pain literally with soft cushions preventing you from placing your bottom on the base of the back rest cushion to support your back, you may need to use a support cushion to stop yourself from sinking into the surrounding upholstery, if your manage this placing your feet at right angles to your knees and planted them firmly on the floor is the best position to avoid back irritation.

Reclining is another great way to enjoy your sofa with the best way to achieve painless relaxation placing your back on the armrest, you may need to use a cushion if your armrest is too straight, with your legs straight on the seat cushions taking the strain completely off your back, perfect for browsing on your laptop. Another way to recline is fully on your back or side the key to comfort is making sure your head, waist and shoulders are supported and your spine is straight and relaxed.

Bed Back Support Cushions and Pillows

You may think sleeping with a back-support cushion to alleviate lower back pain would be problematic, but research has shown that as a solution to a good night sleep bed support cushions and pillows are a must try product.

Coming in many different styles and sizes even for people who travel lot there are many alternatives including inflatable pillows, knee cushions, memory foam pillows, bean bag resting cushions, cushions to cradle your back or wedges to raise your sleeping position.

These tend to be designed in cotton or polyester with washable covered in neutral shades to match in with your bed linen. There are many designs shapes and fabrics with velour a popular alternative to cotton these cushions are filled with different fillings to give maximum comfort from shredded memory foam chips to anti allergic fillings.

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep Without Back Pain

Switching your sleep position can really help to get a good night’s sleep especially when dealing with lower back pain. Loosing sleep can be a serious problem and effect your routine and performance both at work and home, although backpain and lose of sleep are connected it’s a complicated issue and back pain is one in many reasons why sleep can be interrupted.

Experts suggest that sleeping on your side with a support or pillow between your knees which are drawn up slightly is the best, whilst sleeping on your stomach possibly the worst due to lack of neck support. This can be helped with a pillow under the pelvis but there are no hard and fast rules.

A general rule of thumb if you are a back sleeper is to put a cushion under your knees to replicate the natural shape of your spine.

Office Chair Back Support Cushions

Being able to concentrate at work is important with the average time spent at your desk increasing up to 70% in 2018 (1700 hours a year), there are more office-based staff spending increasing longer periods sat at their desks within our hectic business environment. These circumstances cause sustained back problems with growing numbers of employers investing in orthopaedics office chairs for posture therapy.

If your office chair does not have sufficient lumbar support buying a mesh or memory foam cushion may have a beneficial effect with the best designs in the UK offering both back and neck support. Designs are generally office friendly with black or grey prominent in most collections of office chair lumbar support.

Rest assure there is a solution out there that will help to ease if not irradicate this lumbar condition by reflecting the natural curvature of your spine with cushions to suit all budgets. After outlining all the options open to you in the UK, at Textiles Futures it’s good to understand how these products can benefit your back-pain problem.

There are many lumbar back support products available with leading names like Belpink, Feagar and Bonmedico all receiving great reviews, but finding the right back support cushion for armchair lovers in the UK on the high street can be both time consuming and costly. Shopping online with is a great way to look for the best UK back support cushions with Supportiback’s posture therapy pillow leading as the top seller, with lots of great reviews.