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It balances the British lion on the UK coat of arms and is considered a magic creature but why are unicorns so popular and why are unicorn curtains so popular in the UK?

The unicorn holds an older place in legend and mythology. Once it was believed that this shy, wild beast would lay its head in the lap of a pure maiden. Did you know unicorn horns were once believed to be an aphrodisiac. The unicorn was listed in as natural history by the Greeks, even though the closest thing to a living beast that we know of was the Siberian Unicorn, a furry rhinoceros!

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Why Are Unicorns Magical?

Unicorns, dragons, whales, elephants and the worm ouroboros are some of the creatures that melt into legendary stories and events that span hundreds of years.

Unicorns have been popular at various times down through the ages. Gorgeous tapestries depicting maidens taming this shy, wild legendary creature are a staple of medieval style decoration.

Modern storytellers have imbued the legendary creature with powers of flight, the ability to cast spells, to shower fairy dust, and sometimes even to grant wishes. The once white and gold unicorn of the British coat of arms has been gifted with brothers and sisters in every colour of the rainbow.

Unicorns are more mysterious than most creatures of legends because spiral horns could be found washed up on the beach. It is no wonder then, that many of the pictures of unicorns were drawn amidst stylised waves.

Modern Unicorns of the Sea

Eventually, it was learned that these horns belonged to the narwhal, an ocean mammal. The powdered unicorn horn was believed to ward off poison. Rainbows and unicorns, sparkles and fluffy clouds, all come together to create sweetness and light – a dash of mystery and spoonful of imagination makes magic!

Unicorn Curtains for Kids Bedrooms

Unicorn curtains and bedding for kids’ bedrooms can be found in many different UK shop and they range from cheap polyester with fat little pony unicorns to superb quality linen or cotton curtains printed with dainty silhouettes of a young woman and a classic unicorn from legend.

Online store websites make it easy to compare prices, quality, and aesthetics and perhaps even discuss the choice of design with the child who will enjoy having the curtains at his or her window. It is true that these type of mythical creature based curtains are very popular among young children and teenagers alike.

What UK size curtains are ready made?

If you are looking to measure up ready made unicorn curtains then some popular UK sizes are listed below but many online shops also have their own custom size range:

  • 46 x 54 inches (117 x 137 cm)
  • 66 x 72 inches (167 x 183 cm)
  • 66 x 90 inches (167 x 229 cm)
  • 90 x 72 inches (229 x 183 cm)
  • 90 x 90 inches (229 x 229 cm)

Unicorn curtains and bedding are printed with flowers, clouds, bright rainbows and even with mermaid passengers in blue, pink, purple and green colours. With so many different sorts of patterns and decorations, it makes it difficult to compare the various options available. One thing is for certain, whether you are shopping at your local department store or at your favourite online shop such as Amazon, eBay, Next, Argos, Dunelm, John Lewis or Debenhams, you are certain to be able to find unicorn shapes.

More than that, you can purchase cartoon chubby unicorns, elegant unicorns, historically authentic unicorns or unicorns from your child’s favourite cartoon series or reflect the descriptions in favourite books, such as the Harry Potter series, or older volumes such as The Last Unicorn.

Eyelet Unicorn Curtains

Eyelet unicorn curtains have “eyelets” at the top edge of the curtain, making them easy to hang with curtain rings. These curtains can be used as window drapes or they can be hung in the bathroom as the cloth cover curtain over the plastic shower curtain liner. The best eyelets are reinforced with embroidery stitching or with metal rings to keep the hanging rings from pulling through the fabric over time.

Free Delivery Options for Curtains

Compare the strength of such treatment with the extra-tough rings of plastic molding on plastic shower curtain liners. Don’t be taken in by cheap eyelets, look for quality that will last. You can buy these at your website including Amazon, if you are signed up to amazon prime then are also entitled to free delivery.

Pole Unicorn Curtains

Pole unicorn curtains are excellent both as for a kids bedroom or as a super fun shower curtain. They can also be used to hang over an open doorway for privacy or to hide a closet. Unicorn curtains can be attached to poles in several different ways. They can have giant eyelet grommets through which the pole can be threaded or they can have a cloth sleeve at the top of the curtain.

Compare the different sizes and attachments to discover the best one for your child’s bedroom look. You can pick up something cheap for a temporary curtain for a party or similar event, or you can purchase real quality for those elegant bedroom window curtains in a variety of colours such as blue, green and pink that just might go with your child to college or university!

Pencil Pleat Unicorn Curtains

Never underestimate the charm of pencil pleat unicorn curtains. Pencil pleats are those interesting stitched-in folds at the top of a curtain that allow you to add curtain hooks and they create an easy way to hang curtains on traverse rods.

They are absolutely the best for those panoramic scenes that depict vintage unicorns and graceful maidens, or elegant starlit modern unicorns. With pencil pleats, you can make even cheap curtains look good, and quality curtains look great. Compare fabrics or colours and consider whether these curtains should last a few months or a lifetime. You can judge where to buy accordingly but there some great deals and offers at places like Amazon UK because they have multiple boutique sellers who all offer some different!

The Best UK Shops to Buy Unicorn Curtains and Bedding

Here are just a few of the many shops where you can find curtains and matching bedding for your child:, George, Next, The Range, Wayfair, Argos, Debenhams, John Lewis and Matalan.

The catchphrase of the day is “Always be yourself unless you are a unicorn. Then, be a unicorn.” Happy Unicorn curtain shopping to you and we hope you find the perfect fabrics for your room.