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The shortest that we can give you is yes, curtains should normally just kiss the floor! Regardless of being a yes, you should consider every aspect before making any solid decision. Window decor like blinds, drapes, or shades must be decided according to your windows and house decoration.

In the past, curtains were not considered necessary and people didn’t take them seriously. It was considered a piece of cloth to cover the doors and windows. However, the concepts have amazingly changed over time and people have started to give more attention to them.

Curtains add so much to the room environment that they cannot be underestimated at all. To clear out all the misconceptions, we have brought you a complete guide on whether the curtains should touch the floor or not.

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How Far Should Curtains Hang From The Floor?

Curtains can add a splendid amount of beauty and art to your room. The length of the curtain is principally about your personal preferences, but if the curtains are too long or too short, they will look awkward.

The most important thing here is to measure the right length of the curtains. Well, you can use the rod-to-floor size as a basic measurement and then subtract the curtain grommets, ties, rings, and half (1/2) inch for the clearance of the floor. Place the rod first and then measure the length of the curtains. To avoid hemming, you can also go for fitting ready-made curtains. To maximize the visual height, always examine your wall then let it determine the height of your curtains.

Most people think puddle curtains are classy. Well, they can be luxurious, but most of the time they don’t look practical. If you are choosing the curtains for decoration, then puddle curtains might be the best option.

The constant opening and closing of the curtains might make the puddle curtains dirty and wear off the hems. If elegance is all you need, then you can puddle 2 or 3 inches of fabric only.

However, you cannot use puddle curtains in bathrooms and kitchens. For these places, shorter curtains are better.

People who have kids at home also consider short curtains as a better option. These curtains can be ideally 2 to 3 feet above the floor or it can vary according to your preferences.

What Should Be the Optimal Length of Curtains?

The length of the curtains depends on your choice and the decoration of the room. Some of the ideal curtain lengths are as follows:

  • Sill length curtains: These curtains come down to the window sill or sit down a little above the window. The sill-length curtains are a popular choice for a room that has smaller windows. These curtains avoid the situation of the room being too broken up. The curtains’ length must be measured carefully because too short or too long still-length curtains will look messy.
  • Over the sill length curtains: These type of curtains overlaps the sill completely but do not cover the radiator. They are ideal curtains for the country home and cottages. The length of these curtains can be kept just above the radiator or 3 to 4 inches below the sill.
  • Floor-length curtains: This curtain is an ideal option for most of the rooms. The length of these curtains is half-inch above the ground so that they move easily and fall onto the place effortlessly. These curtains are the best option if they are going to be moved a lot.
  • Breaking on the floor curtains: To give a romantic, extravagant look to your room, you can extend the length of your curtains up to some inches. These curtains need a little more maintenance than ordinary curtains as they require more fluffed every time they are being moved.

Should Curtains Be Longer than the Window?

As a rule of thumb, yes, the curtains should be kept longer than the window. However, the choice here is completely yours.

Some people prefer longer curtains while other people want their curtains to be short to cover the window only. However, this decision should be made after analyzing the room environment and decoration. Over the sill length curtains are a perfect choice for country homes and cottages.

These curtains are a little longer than the window. Most people with kids like to have these types of curtains in their houses.

Full-length curtains go longer than the window. These types of curtains are ideal for every decoration and style. Most people prefer full-sized curtains as it adds more elegance to the room. These curtains can be kept half-inch above the floor or some inches over the floor.

These choices are pretty easy when you know your needs and requirements. In short, the decision of the length of curtains depends on the style of the room and curtains that you have chosen.

Curtain Length Rules You Need to Stick to

When it comes to curtains, you need to be very careful as they can make or break the interior of the room. You got the perfect design and style of the fabric for your room, but what about the perfect length? How will you decide the length of the curtains?

The length of the curtains depends on the style and fashion that you want to decorate the room with. The standard and basic sizes for curtains are 120, 108, 95, 84, and 63 inches long. We have seen people making the same mistake again and again while choosing the length of the curtains. Here are some things that you need to stick to when deciding the length of the curtain:

  1. Ensure that the curtains are long enough: The first thing you need to keep in mind is that the curtains should be long enough. The short and inappropriate length curtains look awkward and empty. When shopping for curtains, remember that the length matters a lot, and it can make or break the look of the room easily.
  2. Always buy the right size of the curtains rods: The curtain rods must match the size of the window. If the rods have the same size as the window, it will probably block the window and light. The length of the rods must be 5 to 6 inches greater than the window so that its window will be seen completely.
  3. Ensure the fabric is enough: While buying ready-made curtains, you should always look for enough fabric that will cover the whole window. The panel cannot be kept the same as the window size because, in this way, the window will look compact. You will need a double panel of curtains to make a full look at the window. According to the general law of thumb, the curtains must be 2 or 2.5 times the window’s width.

Consider Every Option When Thinking About Curtain Length

It will not be wrong if we say that the curtains decide the final look of the room and curtains make the room fuller and good-looking and when we talk about the should curtain touch the floor topic it’s definitely appropriate to look at each and every room.

The length of the curtains matters the most as it is the basic part that needs to be considered at first while buying a new curtain.

The curtains should be half-inch above the ground. The sill length curtains, over the sill length curtains, floor-length curtains, and puddle curtains are some of the length choices that can be chosen according to the interior of the room.

Moreover, while buying a perfect curtain for your house, you must consider every aspect that we have described above.