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Are you having a family function planned and you are in charge of that event? You must be then thinking about flooring for a marquee. Do you think if it can be done? For a function that is held in a marquee, then flooring is often essential considering the unpredictable UK climate!

The guests should not have any inconvenience in walking inside. Plus, chairs and tables should also be firm and steady at their places. Dancers or entertainers should be confident enough that they would not slip.

Flooring for a marquee is possible and people do arrange it. The flooring should be easy to walk, comfortable and even surface. It should also be suiting the occasion or event.

You can either get direct lay flooring, suspended flooring with wooden or steel finishing. The most elegant yet most expensive flooring idea is the wooden flooring with a good rug or carpet to lay over the top for that added touch.

Direct lay flooring is the most easily accessible and most expensive flooring option. The next one is suspended flooring. It is made up like some stage. Rigid and firm-level of ground held by the brackets. It can either be steel sub suspended or cassette flooring.

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Your UK Marquee Flooring Options

You may find some excellent marquee flooring ideas if you are a resident of the United Kingdom and having an event ahead. Some of them are cheap, and some require some handful of fortune. Spending is always up to you.

Wooden Flooring

Mostly wooden flooring consists of strong wood with shiny finishing. It is mostly the effect of the beach, and they are best for slight uneven grounds. For more or more considerable unevenness, you should approach to the suspended floors.

Underlaying Carpets

If you have an event in a garden, there is no need for wooden flooring. You can get a carpet in black colour or order some brand-new carpets with the colour you want. They are for grassy surfaces that do not have any significant uneven grounds.

Carpets on Wooden Flooring

Here comes the combination of both. You can have a proper even surface for your event and add carpets on them that will make you feel like walking at your home. Most people order this kind of flooring at significant events like weddings or some formal events of corporate events or anniversaries.

How to Floor Inside a Marquee

First of all, you do not need to perform it yourself. You can get a local company and ask them to floor your marquee. In case you are an enthusiast and want to learn about it as well. Here are some of the basics:

(Important: Before you do any flooring in your marquee, lay a non-breathable layer)

  • Layers can get more significant than your area. You can fold them and hammer the nails to fix them.
  • Get the carpet rolls and lay them as a second one. You can cut the edges which are longer and getting out of the surface.
  • Stretch the carpets, and it should be smooth and then cover it beneath the first layer and nail it for the finishing.
  • Now, the separate layers will be all set. All you need to do is nail the separate layers to make them as one without any gaps to avoid anyone from slipping.
  • You can also use tape, but it may not not be that reliable and prone to “unstick”. Only use it where there is no chance of nailing.
  • Then you can decorate it further with chairs, tables or pillows and cushions.
  • This is the easiest and most general way of laying flooring in a marquee. Getting more complex will cost more and the chances of things going wrong increase too!

How Much Does It Cost to Floor a Marquee?

Pricing: The more you pay the better the quality.
If you are willing to pay a significant amount, you can get lavish flooring in your marquee that people will not lift up as they stand up from their seats. The following are some estimate costs to floor a marquee in the UK:

Commonly, minimum seating capacity of a marquee is around 30 seats. A single seating cost of flooring of a marquee ranges from £30-75.

The range is for various flooring options and different levels of quality. You can estimate your range and your product. It might be costing you around £360-£800 for your marquee flooring to start with…

As mentioned above, wooden flooring with luxurious carpets is the most expensive option you can choose. Other options are less in fashion but are much cheaper.

Can you Put a Marquee on Uneven Ground?

Most people have this question that we can arrange a marquee, but the surface is not smooth and even. They have the question on whether it is possible or not?

Secondly, it might be costing too much cash to get it done and simply not worth the hassle. You may be facing the same issues too. Yes, making marquee surfaces even is a possible, and it is a part of the flooring but this is totally dependent on the terrain and landscape of your party or event.

Floors can be adjusted at the particular parts of the uneven surfaces. Dwarf scaffolding method is well known for arranging marquees at uneven grounds.

To eradicate such problems, these kinds of arrangements are present. They are a little bit expensive options for most people, but those who value the occasion or place greatly pay willingly for it.

The second question people mostly raise is whether they can put up on a concrete surface? The basic idea of marquee flooring is about pinning in the ground. If you have surface hard enough to handle the floor through nails, you can have that possibility.

Therefore, concrete is also possible for the flooring of your marquee. The wooden flooring or grassy floors are ideal surfaces though.

Wonderful Marquees Made Better with Flooring

Floored marquees are a relatively new trend in the UK market place for events such as weddings and private parties. People are more attracted to those ideas that are creative and new to the basic culture. This habit of doing something new and out of the box has led the crowd to arrange the events in marquees. It is no doubt a great idea to arrange a wedding or formal event in a marquee and could be made even better with a good quality floor!

Flooring for a marquee is an essential part if it can be done. In this article, you can learn about flooring for a marquee. Marquee’s trend is spreading widely in the United Kingdom. People like to go to weddings which are arranged in marquees. Wooden flooring for the marquee’s flooring is the best option – it might be expensive, but worth it!