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Are you searching for a flooring solution that will deliver many years of service with exceptional quality and appearance? Then this type is a suitable candidate but what is Karndean flooring and can you buy it in the UK? Made of top-notch quality vinyl material, this product is highly versatile in both performance and applications and is a true replacement material for real wood.

Unlike other flooring materials that can lose their structural integrity due to heat, cold or moisture, a Karndean floor is structurally stable, easy to clean and remains intact for a long lasting solution. Furthermore, Karndean designflooring is very affordable and is easy to maintain. You can use this design inspiration for almost any purpose whether its commercial, domestic or office uses without damage worries.

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Karndean Flooring Explained

Karndean is a famous flooring brand in Europe that is making the most out of its great popularity. Now this brand has transformed and spread to the rest of the world due to the exclusive production of top-notch flooring material. In other words, Karndean is a perfect definition of what quality floor is all about.

These products are handy in almost every living and working spaces such as work area, office space as well as home. But when it comes to flooring there is a frequently asked question by many clients. And that is- What exactly is Karndean?

Year of Founding

Well, it can be defined as a company that deals with flooring products. This company was founded way back in 1973. During that time, it was serving as a small business of a local family. Over the years, this company has developed gradually into becoming one of the most trusted brands both in the UK and abroad.

They have a natural drive of coming up with innovative products that are, attractive and versatile. Therefore, being a vinyl flooring item, Karndean has been engineered from limestone (calcium carbonate) pigments and PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

Structurally it’s made up of five layers while two of the layers are PVC backing, a high definition printed layer, a clear polyvinyl chloride embossed layer and at the top surface polyurethane coating for protection.

The Manufacturing Process of Karndean

During the manufacture of this material, the raw materials undergo mixing and heating to create a molten liquid that’s laid to form clear or backing PVC layers. To come up with sizeable end products, these sheets are cut after which they undergo printed film lamination.

A coating is then applied using lacquer and then gets tempered. Lastly, in packaging, the sheets are cut into tiles and planks and look just like real wood. In every step of the manufacturing process, a quality check is applied to ensure the end product from Karndean Designflooring is truly exceptional when it comes to quality.

What is Karndean Flooring Made Of?

In summary, Karndean is an exceptional vinyl tile with versatile applications. Thus it’s suitable in offices, homes or commercial spaces where luxury and look and feel is highly considered.

Is Karndean Better than Laminate?

As mentioned earlier, Karndean is an exceptional, design inspiration vinyl tile that is easy to maintain. It’s suitable in offices, homes or commercial spaces where luxury is highly considered while laminate flooring comes with a look as well as the texture of real wood or stone flooring even though it’s synthetic. Laminate has been for a very long time an excellent alternative to real wood floor tiles or planks.

In this case, we will be addressing whether Karndean is better than laminate or vice versa. Structurally, Karndean is often considered more practical and versatile as compared to Laminate- and this is from the point of installation to the warmth and comfort it provides underfoot.

Watch the video below and see how a skilled tradesman fits Karndean Flooring inside a UK home:

Karndean is a very flexible material, long lasting with adaptability to heat and cold without structural damage and is engineered from a high-quality vinyl material that is very durable and it’s also among the major features that have made Karndean favourite and a popular choice to many.

Karndean Designflooring comes with a wide range of options from which clients can pick their favourites. It’s also the variety of designs and patterns that have made it a unique flooring product and worth considering as the best option to purchase.

Let’s take a look at the following benefits that each comes with and from it, you can make your final choice on which to pick.

Karndean Flooring Pros

  • Karndean floor comes with a realistic feel and looks of actual wood. While Laminate materials still offer the exact features, Karndean’s appearance is more natural.
  • Karndean is more versatile and maintains its structural integrity whether the environment is hot or cold. But, this is not the same case with Laminate. During intense heat or cold, this material shrinks and expands depending on the temperature and level of moisture.
  • For wet rooms flooring, Karndean stands out as the best option due to its tolerant nature and long lasting durability. What’s more, it comes with a fully waterproof finish and cuts out any leaking water. On the other hand, laminate has a limit on the amount of moisture it can support is hardly a modern design inspiration is it? When that limit is exceeded due to an extremely wet environment or moisture, the material will start absorbing moisture and lose its structural integrity.
  • Last but not least, Karndean is a great choice of flooring since you can customize it according to the pattern or design you like. And that’s not all, you can also customize its borders.

Laminate Flooring Pros

  • Easy installation with little or no professionals required
  • Cleansing is easy though you must exercise extra care since excess moisture or water can leak into the laminate and result in distorted shapes.
  • Consistency in both appearance and quality
  • Some of the laminate is a bit tough due to the wear layer they come with for the protection of internal designs

Is Karndean Worth the Money?

Nowadays, there are many options when it comes to flooring your living or workspace. Thus, it’s very tempting to go after looks than quality. And this is where Karndean Designflooring (all rights reserved) comes in handy. It’s an incredibly high-quality vinyl flooring option available that can suit underfloor heating too. What’s more, they are very affordable considering they are the best options around as flooring products.

Therefore, it’s no doubt that Karndean vinyl flooring is both luxurious as well as highly qualified as the best quality flooring material. It offers both appearance and feel of an actual wood floor in your living space.

Unsurprisingly, Karndean floor has an incredible wide option of designs and styles to choose from whether it’s for home use or commercial application. The following are the reasons why you should get this product for your floor:

Durable Vinyl Flooring

Karndean floors come with over a decade of guarantee in respect to durability in the working space while over three decades of guarantee for domestic applications. Despite the incredible praises and promises that vinyl flooring comes with.

There are certain types of these products which are of poor quality but with an attractive price tag. You should be careful about your pick and not only look for design inspritation but a material that is built to last. Poor quality vinyl flooring will last in service for a very short time. On the other hand, the standard options may come in as a better alternative for the right look and feel you require.

However, they can easily be scratched marked or cut resulting in more damages. In this case, you should opt for Karndean vinyl flooring; they are scratch and cut free. Also, they are resistant to marking, and in case any damage occurs, it will be very small and easily fixable.

Easy cleaning and Maintenance

Karndean is a synthetic look-alike of actual wood or rock floor, both of which are tough to clean as well as maintain. When cleaning, an actual wood will be damaged easily by water, cleaning chemicals or other cleaning products.

Actual stones for flooring are tough and resistant to water, however, due to their rough and porous texture, proper hygiene would be hard to exercise. But with Karndean, cleaning and maintenance is an easier task.

It’s very resistant to water destruction and only requires neutral detergent for cleaning. What’s more, the smooth and non-porous surface texture is protected from debris, spills, and scuffs.

Unique designs for Flooring

Whether, you want perfect and durable flooring for professional applications, commercial use or domestic application, Karndean is an excellent candidate. This product is available in different colours, designs, patterns to suit everyone’s preference and choice. Physically, this product has a neutral look wear layer that mimics wood planks and actual stone tiles or even slate pieces.

Thus, these pieces of the design are organized in such a way that the client can choose a pattern and design that suit their workspace as well as living space. Border and strip styling is also part of what makes the floor very unique.

How Much is Installation?

Are you searching for a realistic stone tiles or hardwood floor appearance without a hefty price tag, then Karndean vinyl tiles are exactly what you need? But how much will it cost you to install this floor apart from the purchasing fee?

The following is a table showcasing the various job descriptions of the Karndean Designflooring (right reserved) product installation, the time duration it will take the cost of the material as well as the cost of labor.

Job descriptionTime it takesCost of materialCost of labour
Karndean Palio Click1 to 7 days£27/m2£100 to 200/day/labourer
Karndean Korlok1 to 7 days£35/m2£100 to 200/day/labourer
Karndean Da Vinci1 to 7 days£28/m2£100 to 200/day/labourer
Karndean Opus Range1 to 7 days£25/m2£100 to 200/day/labourer


You have the above option as the cost of installing the tiles through the use of labourers. If you feel it’s quite expensive considering the amount you’ve also spent in acquiring the flooring product, you can opt for DIY (Do it yourself) but for underfloor heating you may require assistance.

An important point to note, it’s very easy to install the tiles by yourself, however, this will take a longer time and may even cost you more due to damages you may cause. Thus, choosing the best contractors with the best offer for the whole contract is the best way forward.

Is there a cheap alternative to Karndean?

The following are some of the cheaper alternatives. Like Karndean, they are also made from Vinyl material.


It’s made up of multiple vinyl layers to exceptional stability as well as strength. Physically, these tiles have a layer with a realistic photo of natural floors. At the top, this product has a tough wear layer made of polyurethane for protection against tear and makes it more durable.

Furthermore, this product comes with various options of wear layer to suit different environments like domestic living space, office use or commercial application. It’s truly an exceptional product with high quality and offers affordable value.

Parador Vinyl

Parador Vinyl is yet another best alternative to Karndean flooring. These tiles have been engineered with actual vinyl flooring benefits as well as the natural and charming looks of stone and wood. They come in various contemporary styles to fit perfectly in modern interior designing. In terms of application, they are handy in domestic use, industrial as well as office use.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring

This product comes with a great option in terms of designs and colours. It’s a perfect choice if you need to mimic actual stone or wood tiles. Furthermore, they are a perfect choice for users with allergies since it has no residues and pores. This is unlike wood and stone which are naturally made of tiny pores and cracks that can host dust among other germs that cause allergies.

Additionally, this product has a smooth surface that is easy to clean and durable. You only need to vacuum or sweep to maintain the floor clean all the time. And in case, there are tough stains, a damp towel is a perfect cleaning remedy that will leave your floor spotlessly clean.

Final Remarks on Karndean Flooring

From the above information, I am sure you can now agree that Karndean flooring is a great option. It’s a perfect choice that delivers exclusive features like durability, quality, and realistic appearance of rocks and wood tiles. With a plethora of options in both designs and patterns, you can easily find an option that suits your taste and living space requirements easily.

For those looking for a professional look, we hope we have answered the puzzling question of “what is Karndean Flooring?”. This product can fit in any business environment, whether it’s required to look luxuriously pleasing or for industrious applications where sharp and rough objects may touch the floor. With its high resistance to wear layer surface, it will serve you for the longest time in its original state without minimal or no scratches.

(image credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/floorsmk/15783127394/in/album-72157632784434611/)