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Amtico flooring has been a popular choice for a while in UK homes. Getting the same chic look as magazines and buying wooden floors can set you back thousands but Amtico is a great solution. But unfortunately, it also has its setbacks. Mostly Amtico flooring needs professional installation and always requires the person installing it to take a good amount of time to ensure the entire area is covered and well installed.

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It can start to rip in places after continual use and this may not covered in the standard warranty. This can also make the vinyl Amtico flooring change colour dramatically and not for the better!

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Common Problems with Amtico Flooring you Should Know About

Amtico flooring is more affordable than other real flooring, such as stonework and woodwork. But Amtico flooring can range between £3-5 depending on where you make the purchase.

If you are looking for the real feel of stonework, you should not go for Amtico flooring. Though this is very durable and works well with high temperatures and is well made, it does take a long time to install and always needs precise measuring of addition and applications to ensure the entire floor is properly laid down.

If the funniest mistake is made and the proper pre and post cautions are not taken, it makes the flooring lift from the corners and may even ruin the entire floor. This tiny mistake can be made by professionals, let alone DIY projecting people. The laminated floor needs to be properly laid down on smooth flooring to ensure this does not have any gaps between the flooring for the water to seep in.

The floor also needs a certain temperature while the installation occurs, or this may have a reaction and again result in the flooring lifting up or not having a long life ahead.

With the proper installation, these Amtico flooring can last a great 20-35 years. This time, this can have major discolouration and certain objects and matting can add to the fading problem.

Is Amtico Flooring Hard Wearing?

What are hard-wearing floors you might ask? Hard-wearing floors see those that provide the user with a great amount of resistance. Be it with pulling chairs from one place to another of pulling furniture from one room to the other.

The flooring should be able to withstand a little force and should be considered a little waterproof since spillage and moping is a common thing that happens in high traffic homes.

Amtico flooring is a form of resin-based flooring which is compressed to form a great piece of work. These floors are mostly used in living rooms and can be placed in high traffic areas. They are great with sustaining scratches with the protective layer that is applied during the installation period.

These flooring can easily be wiped down if some spillage is done, and a light mop every day can be sustained very easily.

This light spillage is bearable because this flooring is also applied with a waterproof layer, making it much more sustainable. So yes, with the facts stated this is a good investment if you’re looking for hard-wearing floors and Amtico flooring is a hard-wearing floor which makes a great option for high traffic areas.

Even if this is not sufficient, these floors are given and installed on very long warranties, allowing the user to be a little more carefree.

Is Amtico Flooring Better than Karndean?

The main difference between Amtico and Karndean flooring is that one of them is made with resin and plasticisers compressed under and high temperature and complete to make a great thin layer flooring which gives a great matte finish look to the place they are installed in.

This is the Amtico flooring, they are also made in the UK and are a little more expensive than a Kardean flooring statement. The Kardean flooring is vinyl flooring made with 5 layers consisting of multiple variances that are then compressed and make a great shiny looking floor.

The Kardean flooring is a little cheaper than the Amtico flooring and gives a little competition to the Amtico flooring.

Most people prefer the cheaper one over the other because they are highly durable and come with great warranties that may last you a lifetime. The warranties on both of these can last a good 35 years and cover a lot of basics.

The Amtico flooring is a little more matte finish and has been very good to install for people who do not have an issue paying a little more for better floors. These are also justified due to the high priced processes that the UK-based company has to ensure the product is perfectly made.

The Karndean floors are made in Asia but have their office-based in the UK this allows them to ship into places such as the USA, Asia, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The distribution is a little higher than the other, but if you’re looking for the finish and do not have any problems with the payments, you should go for the Amtico flooring.

Does Amtico Flooring Need Underlay?

What is underlay in general? An underlay interview is a sheet of plastic foam to add an extra layer of protection for the users to avoid underfoot noises and add a layer of protection from water or seepage. This underlay also smoothes out surfaces and makes them a lot easier to lay down.

The smooth application allows an elongated life and makes sure the floor does not lift due to seepage and other causes.

Amtico floor is generally a very great little piece of work on itself and does not always require an underlay. To ensure that your floor is even and smoothed out it is preferred for the user to add a layer on underlay to ensure that it does not lift from places and corners.

These underlay layers are essential for uneven floors and should always be considered if your floors are not easy to handle. An underlay in Amtico flooring can also cause the floor to make a lot less noise. A perfect little addition to a good floor application.

Overview of the Issues with Amtico Floors

This article talks about the problems with Amtico flooring starting from things that people may not like while buying or installing. These small details should always be considered while you’re buying these flooring so you can be aware of what you’re getting yourself into.

This then goes on to justify the Amtico flooring being a hard-wearing floor or not. Each point is made through authentic sources and made with proof.

A subtle comparison between Amtico and Karndean flooring is made which almost stays head to head since these are not vastly different from each other and great pieces of work in their respective forms.
Then there are points made that show and explain if the Amtico flooring needs to underlay or not.