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Have you thought about adding a touch of style to your windows to match or contrast your décor but fear damaging your walls or window frames?

Or maybe you need the privacy that blinds can achieve without blocking out all the light, but are unsure how to go about fitting them to UPVC windows or doors – read how no drill blinds for UPVC windows are an effective way to shield a room from the sun.

Blinds for double glazed windows can be troublesome to fit, needing to drill window frames or woodwork which can be frustrating and difficult, but with this innovation, in window dressing, no drill blinds or cassette blinds as they are sometimes referred to can simplify the task.

With a large range of perfect fit blinds, in a wide variety of colours and styles they can transform a room, most designed are not just easy to fit but easy to clean too, most made from wipeable waterproof textiles, metal or wood.

Here at Textile Futures we can unlock your creative inspiration, by helping you to explore the different styles and ease in which you can install no-drill blinds. We hope to enable you to find the right choice when selecting which blinds will work or you.

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What are Easy Fit Blinds?

After years of finicky drilling and fixing convention blinds where they don’t always hang right, or they get in the way when trying to open the window, or just don’t fit properly no matter how hard you try to make them look professional. Easy fit blinds are a welcome addition to the drapery market, they require nothing more to install but the usual plastic tool, which is contained in the pack with the blind of your choice, some are even just stick on alternatives.

Ruby Deals PVC Window Venetian Blind Blinds Easy Fit Curtains Trimmable Fittings Windows Treatment Shutters Twist Open Close (Grey-PVC, 45cm wide (17.7'') x 150cm)


Perfect for tenants who can’t make holes in the windows or walls of their rental property or children’s rooms where either a total black out blind solution is needed, or in terms of safely where cords or chains can be a hazard. Easy fit blinds by nature like their name are ‘easy’ to install and a good cost-effective choice irradiating the need for tailor-made blinds or a professional installer and what’s more they look just as great!

The Best No Drill Blinds for UK UPVC Windows

There are many different styles of the perfect fit – no drilling blinds available both on the high street and online, roller blinds, Venetian blinds, pleated blinds, blackout blinds, even roman blinds. The most common colour is white or pastel shades through to grey, but blinds can be purchased in a multitude of colours and fabrics matching in with any colour scheme required.

Sol Royal Pleated Blind 80x220cm SolDecor P26 – Temporary Window Blind No Drill Adjustable Darkening Pleated Shades Kitchen & Living Room – White


Finding these blinds on your high street just takes a little time, with stores like Dunelm, Ikea, and Argos being our favourites, stock is sometimes limited as are colours and fabrics. The very best range available is online where the selection is wide ranging as are the prices. There are many different styles to suit all pockets from a plain pleated blind to a wooden Venetian finish.

UK Online retailers specialising in UPVC blinds with Intu cellular pleated energy saving options or Velux original duo blackout blinds two of the more expensive options, but both offer quality and big-name brand reliability.

Kessy Bessy roman blinds, which tend to give a much softer more delicate natural lighting option, plus they are available in a wider range of fabrics and textured cotton and polyesters, contrasting with Sol Royal bamboo no drill blinds which are available in several wood types and colours for a more contemporary design, being the best sellers with great reviews on giving that more natural wooden Venetian hard slatted look.

How Do You Hang Blinds Without Brackets?

The conventional option for fitting blinds usually consists of brackets, a drill and a series of screws which fit to either a wall or window casements. No drill blinds simplify this process making blinds a much easier DIY install. These can also be fitted to the exact dimensions of your glass casement enabling good block out coverage for bedroom windows.

SMONTER Easy Fix Zebra Roller Blind,Day and Night Blinds Curtains with Install Accessories (95CMx150CM, WHITE)


The trick is that they use a small metal fitting that comes with a plastic tool to be inserted in between the glass rubber seal and UPVC window frame. These are placed in each corner at the top of the glass and the blinds simply fasten onto the matching fixings giving a smooth professional finish.

Different designs come with alternative fixings such as roman blinds which attach around the top of your window frame, so wouldn’t be suitable for casement windows.

You need to check out the various options to suit your own personal requirements. One of the nicest options available comes with a curved profiled track which fit snuggly to the length of your glass and allow smooth up and down movement – no more struggles with loose hanging drapery.

How Long Does it Take to Install Window Blinds?

Installation is quick and easy with plenty of YouTube tutorials available if your finding understanding the instructions that come with your design a little over-complicated or you just don’t get it.

WOLTU Pleated Blinds Polyester No Drilling Easy Fix Pleated Shades Instant Temporary Privacy Blinds for Window or Door Crushed Look 65x130cm Grey


On average fitting one blind takes between 15 – 20 minutes but take your time measuring your glass panels and any cutting of the trim as these are the things you will notice the most. The more no drill blinds for UPVC windows you install the more confidence you will gain.

With growth sales in UPVC windows composite doors plus conservatories, having a product that creates light control that and can be easily fitted is a godsend.

Are Perfect Fit Blinds for Windows and Doors Blackout?

Research has found that having a good night’s sleep is important to both your mental health and physical well being, with sleep deprivation having harmful effects both now and in the future. Blackout blinds are one of the best ways to create a tranquil bedroom environment coupled with UPVC double glazing which helps both to keep out light and sound whilst you sleep peacefully.

No drill blinds are perfect for achieving this level of tranquillity, as they fit exactly to the glazing units in your UK windows – in fact with the track style easy fit method gains that total darkness require for a great night’s sleep.

Fitting No Drill Blinds for UPVC Doors

Patio doors or French windows can be troublesome to dress with curtains getting in the way when opening or closing whether your doors slide or hinged. Blinds in either a roller, venetian or pleated are a beautiful and elegant way to both block out light and create privacy, no drill blinds make perfect sense as they fit directly onto the inset glass panels on each door offering a sensible solution.

These are fitted in the same way as with windows, obviously needing a longer aspect for complete coverage. Roman blinds are a good look also for French windows offering a softer more translucent lighting experience.

Amazon Basics Blackout rollo blind with matched colour coating 56 x 150 cm, Black


The most popular blinds for patio doors are Venetian design PVC, aluminium or wooden coming out top, usually close-fitting to the glass with the curved trim and track designs. These blinds are great for light manipulation with an open close slider at the top allowing for complete control for home and office applications.

There are super products available to create the right look for any UPVC window or door and with a little practice and patience, you can soon have light control in any space, whether its at work or at home. Buying has never been easier with one click purchases online and many free delivery options resulting in cost effective décor.

The Easy Way to Fit New Blinds

The best ideas are always the simplest and this is no exception, especially if you are considering no drill blinds for UPVC Windows. Look at these UK based products as a better alternative to drills and spirit levels with troublesome screws that never go in straight.

Modern engineering solving a small but annoying problem and the result is a professional seamless blind installation to match in with your own personal choices, in colours and textures to suits every traditional or contemporary look and prices to match small or large budgets.