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For millions of homeowners and flat renters all around the world, the worst part of cleaning the house will always be the fiddly and troublesome vertical blinds. Thankfully, there are some easy hacks to clean vertical blinds as quickly as possible so they look like new again!

If you use a damp cloth, you can leave wet dust streak down the screens. If you use a spray, the moisture will drip down and leave a puddle on the floor. The feather dusters with long rods attached to them always leave some dust behind, and then you have to wash the duster, which is a task all on its own.

When it becomes time for you to clean your blinds, you will need us to be there. Below in this article, we will teach you the most effective and fastest way to clean vertical blinds which will not create extra work for you.

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How to clean non-fabric vertical blinds without taking them down

If you have a well-thought-out plan and a little energy and if you follow our lead, then cleaning vertical blinds will no longer be your most hated chore.

Step 1 – Situate Yourself on the Ladder or Steps

First, you must locate a stable ladder (or portable steps) and place it close to the blinds. Make sure the ground is even, and one ladder leg is on the rug while the other is on the floor. Step up on the ladder but don’t rise higher than you are comfortable with; don’t reach the top step either.

It may be helpful to have a chair or couch on your side to catch and balance you if you fall back. And check if the feet of the ladder has rubber on the bottom. The rubber will keep the ladder from moving and sliding while also preventing scratch marks from developing on the floor.

Step 2 – The Dusting Glove

Once you are in a position you are comfortable with, you can now put on your dusting gloves. If you have never heard of this item before, it’s pretty much what its name describes it to be. It is an easy-to-wash glove that picks up dust and dirt.

Wipe your hand in downward strokes on each vertical blind. The glove will pick up the dust. Clean as far down as you can without losing balance. To keep your balance, we suggest that you only use one hand to dust so that the other hand can grip the ladder to balance you.

Once all of the blinds have been clean from the top, dust the top of the rack before descending the ladder. If the blinds were very dusty, then you may need to switch your dirty glove with a new clean one.

Step 3 – Finish the Other Half of the Blinds

Place the ladder someplace where it will not be in your way. Continue wiping down the shutters in downward strokes until they are all clean. After, don’t forget to dust the windowsill so that the entire window area looks clean and neat.

Step 4 – Wash Gloves

Now that you are done dusting the blinds and the area around it, you can take off the gloves and place them into the laundry basket to wash later. The lack of equipment and cleaning is the best part of this method. No tools to put away and no dusters to ring out Just a few little gloves in the washer and you’re done!


When should I clean my blinds?
Blinds don’t become dirty quickly. We will give it a guess and say around every six months sound good. Now, this depends on how dusty the room around the blinds and are if the curtains are fabric. Also, if the blinds are behind a screen, then the dust from the outside will be lesser and won’t dirty the blinds so much.

What if my blinds are fabric?
If your blinds are fabric, then the curtains will become dirty sooner. The increase in dirtiness is because fabric attracts and holds onto dirt and dust better. This is especially true for the parts of the blinds that are dragging on the floor.

Plus, if you have animals, the shades are always at risk of having urine splashed onto them by a pooch who didn’t make it out the door in time. If you have fabric blinds, then wash them every three months or when they start to smell mouldy.

Can I put my fabric blinds in the washer?
Yes, you can! But do not use hot water. Like our clothes, hot water will cause the blinds to shrink. And don’t forget to shake out each blind before you place them in the washer. If you don’t, the filth that was trapped in the blinds will seep into the washer water.

Also, put the washer on the delicate setting. Some people place their fabric blinds in a washbag or pillowcase to prevent the fabric from fraying.

If you are anxious about your blinds fraying and coming apart, but they need to be cleaned, then you can wash the curtains by hand in the sink. Now, hand-washing your curtains are more time consuming and will require more energy, so be sure that you can’t machine wash them.

If you can’t, then we would suggest taking your fabric blinds to the dry cleaners before you decide to hand wash them.

Wrapping Things Up

With a little initiative and a new dusting method, you can clean your vertical blinds without any problems or exerting extra energy. Now you can have a clean space to look out the window of your home and enjoy the view. Nothing spoils the view like dust brushing up against your face. Take pride in your home and do your best to keep it as clean as you can.

We know there will be days or weeks when you will be too preoccupied with life, and some things won’t be cleaned. That’s ok, make sure to schedule a time for cleaning. You should treat it as an appointment or errands and block out time on your calendar to complete it.