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Decorative edge blinds have enhanced the home décor scene replacing outdated swags and tails or tie backs as the must-have accessory for dressing your windows, either to complement your curtains or in some instances replace them.

No longer are blinds only used in bathrooms or kitchens but are a much-needed addition to both bedroom and living room spaces. One of the most exciting styles in the UK are scalloped edge roller blinds and we look in-depth on why you should consider these as your next “best buy” for your home decor project.

UNIVERSAL Scalloped Edge Roller Blind, Snow White, W150cm

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Classic scalloped edge blinds are the most popular style in this ever-growing decorative blind field, as they produce a creative but simple alternative to a straight bottomed roller blind shape, helping to break up the vertical lines of your windows whilst offering privacy and a touch of class.

Textile Futures will show you why they’re a must purchase and always the perfect choice, when considering enhancing your home or redecoration.

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Why are Fancy Edge Rollers Blinds a Good Choice?

In what is a cluttered market place, scalloped edge roller blinds are stylish alternatives to replace net curtains as a viable option; this design is bang on trend creating a modernist simple but creative feel. Easy to find products are always a benefit when deciding upon your home décor with blinds coming in good size options with an array of colours and fabrics.

The scallop design sits perfectly in a living room setting adding an element, to complement the high expectations required for modern design. A simplistic pattern that won’t be too harsh when creating soft lines in a cosy bedroom environment, with a range of colours to suit most rooms offering stylish finishing touches to your apartment or house.

If you are considering doing a full room redecorating, not just replacing blinds then take a look at our best wallpaper steamers for 2020. They make a tedious job become easy and fast!

Current Trends 2020: Where to Buy the Latest Roller Blinds?

Home decor designers predict neutral pale shades through to earthy browns this year, for the more fashion-conscious interiors, colours from cream or beige through to burnt umber are all on-trend. Other colour plans reply on Black or dark grey merging to white, these more neutral shades mix and match with most colour schemes.

UK Shops that Sell Scalloped Edge Roller Blinds

Sometimes though a splash of raw colour is required, maybe a deep red or blue these colours are harder to find in roller blinds, needing you to search online for ready-made options in the UK or use the ‘made to measure’ choice.

Available to purchase on most high streets at mainstream stores Dunelm, Argos, Homebase or made to measure alternatives with high-end store John Lewis or specialist companies such as Hilary’s Blinds. The beauty of a scallop design is its simplicity because of this it’s easy to match blinds from different retailers remembering if you’re looking for that uniformed look to measure the curve accurately.

Speedy Plain UV Scalloped Edge Roller Blind, Cream, W180 x D160cm

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Recognising the need for a faster and more cost-effective way to buy via mobile or online for busy consumers, online retailers have seized the opportunity to bring what is probably the best choice in both colours and sizes. leads the way with a quality selection of readymade scallop edge blinds ready to hang, most with a next day delivery option.

Amazon carries many options on scallop edge or fancy roller blinds, as a large online retailer they have ‘best’ products available these always come with several reviews always worth checking out before you buy.

The Origins of the Scalloped Edge Design

Nature plays its part in lots of designs, colours and patterns we use in home furnishings, scallop is one of the most common shapes, used in many ways from fashion design, china cups and plates to linen, table lamps to wallpaper the list is ever-growing, as it’s one our most popular finishes for a decorative edge.

A simple design made up of semi-circle shapes creating curved edges to soften as a reflection of natural life. The scallop shape has its origin in ‘Scallops’ a sea creature found in most oceans across the globe varying in size, with a large curved and ridged shell.

A naturally curved design running around the edges of the shell that has been softened and rounded by the sea, creating something with a universal appeal across the spectrum and used widely in pattern making or soft furnishing due to its simplicity and elegance.

Shaped Decorative Blinds: Can they be Fitted Anywhere?

With the emergence of shaped edge blinds becoming a useful tool in the window décor design market, even roller blinds which were used where curtains could not be, have now taken on a new level of style. We are used to seeing roman blinds maybe in lounges or morning rooms, creating subtle light options but now fancy edge roller blinds are the first choice when creating a level of privacy, instead of lace or net curtains.

FURNISHED Triangle Edge Roller Blind with Metal Fittings, Trimmable Non-Blackout Heavy Duty Fittings Classic Daylight Window Triangle Blinds - White, 60cm x 165cm

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There are many shapes available from triangular to castle edge blinds, with curvy designs taking inspiration from scallop edges, to create different patterns and curves. It’s not just the fabrics and colours that help make your décor choices unique, but the haberdashery trims used to enhance. shaped bottom roller blinds often come complete with matching braiding or are trimmed with other fabrics to contrast, one of the glitzier looks are roller blinds with tassels.

These look great often coupled up with a piece of natural fabric and a triangular-shaped edge, even more, glamour still are diamante edge roller blinds creating a real talking point in any room.

Bedroom and Sitting Room Inspiration

Using scallop edge blinds can create a uniformed look across your lounge and sitting room windows, especially from outside where the shape of the blinds is more obvious creating a look that’s become widely used throughout the UK.

These rooms usually have large windows which have been a problem for blinds in the past due to the large sizes required, modern roller blinds can be cut to fit most are trimmable 60cm – 210cm size range, with long drops and wide aspects to fit all living room spaces. This look can be created on a budget as blinds, unlike curtains, don’t need to cost the earth.

Creating a bedroom sanctuary meticulous in all elements to suit your own personal taste, can be beneficial both to mind and body, we all need somewhere to relax and gain a good night’s sleep.
Bedrooms can be luxuriously decorated with thick carpets and expensive wallpaper with matching curtains, which may or may not block out the light aiding a good night’s sleep, with the use of a scalloped blackout roller blind you can irradiate the light whilst still holding on to your existing design brief.

The next time you’re looking through your windows contemplating on whether to replace your net curtains or update your existing plain blinds, have a browse through the many different scallop edge blinds available – as they will not only add privacy to your rooms, they will also block out any unwanted light.

Giving a stylish and unique look, scalloped edge roller blinds match in with virtually any décor you have in your bedroom, sitting room or lounge.

The options are endless with new lines hitting the market all the time a simple elegant transformation that can be fitted easily creating a new look in no time at all.