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Bay windows are an attractive feature in most flats, apartments and houses old or new. Using a curtain pole can pose a challenging problem to solve with poles needing to bend around the curves of the bay window. Thankfully, finding the best curved bay window curtain pole is made much easier with specialist online curtain shops that feature both metal or wood bay window fittings and attachments to make sure this important home feature matches perfectly with the rest of the interior design of your home.

Speedy County Metal 19mm Crown 3 Sided Bay Curtain Pole Set, Black, 420 Cm


In the UK, outdated curtain rails are increasingly being replaced by curtain poles; it seems they are not the trendiest look in bay window dressing home décor.

Rails also have the downside of those annoying sliding curtain hooks which either don’t slide smoothly or just simply come off, making them no longer the system of choice when it comes to hanging your bay windows curtains. We’ve all done it, grabbed the curtains to pull them open with the curtain rail coming off the wall, curtains on the floor; frustrating and annoying. Solving this tricky curved problem will elevate the need for a rail and replace it with either a wooden painted pole or metal modern alternatives.

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Can You Have a Curtain Pole in a Bay Window?

This is an easy question to answer- yes of course! But the answer is never that simple, smooth-running curtains can be achieved with a painted or metal pole.

Curves in your window are at various angles from 45 degrees to 90 degrees, in fact, dependant on the nature of your bay window the angel could be as slight as 15 degrees. For this purpose, you need a flexible pole system, these come in many shapes and sizes, with our help here at Textile Futures we can unlock the system that will work or you.

Speedy County Metal 19mm Crown 3 Sided Bay Curtain Pole Set, Black, 420 Cm


Curtain pole curved systems work is different ways, some come in small sections which are flexible curtain pole extension pieces. This can be added to most metal curtain poles as they come in many different metal finishes, curve angels and diameter of poles.

Another option is a complete curved pole system with curved sections included to suit, these come with either flexible corners or fixed angels. Most systems are available both on the high street and online; where the choice of both extensions pieces and complete systems is wide-ranging.

Where Can I Buy a Curtain Pole Curved Extension?

Purchasing an extension piece to help put a curtain pole in your bay window can be a little tricky dependant on how fussy you are with matching a perfect finish. There are many different types of fittings from fixed angel metal curved sections to complex metal colour sections that can achieve any curve no matter how slight or large the bend.

Single 28mm Bay Window Curtain Pole Elbow Joint Connector Rod Support (28mm, Polished Chrome)


Wooden poles are more difficult unless you have a painted white or black pole where the metal curved extensions come in suitable colours.

Purchasing these curved pole extensions pieces on the UK high street may need a little shopping around, many shops sell curtain poles but to make the curve you need, maybe a little more difficult to find. There is good availability at John Lewis although expensive and low availability at stores like Dunelm and Homebase.

Online Wayfair, Next and several small cheap retailers on eBay have a good selection some with reviews some not. The best online all-round selection is on Amazon UK where you can get extensions in finishes from polished brass to black graphite. These are available in a single corner or multi angel fixings, they fit neatly into your existing metal curved bay window curtain pole.

The Best Option for Curved Bay Window Décor

Your moving in (hopefully, you have completed all the other decorating jobs including removing wallpaper with a steamer) and have the ‘bay windows curtain’ problem, you want that modern slim metal pole with fancy or simple round finial. Smooth running curtains to match your taste without the high cost of having a curtain pole made to measure and curtains to suit.

Buy a flexible bay window curtain pole kit, these come in various diameters and colours with finials which can be changed to suit. Whether you’re looking for a small curved bay window pole or a larger size, these kits go up to 6m with diameters to suit all trends and requirements.

The cost can be key, with curved tailor-made poles being quite an expensive being they are made to measure usually in metal by a craftsman, this is not necessary with many curved bay window pole kits giving a great look at a fraction of the cost. Amazon leads the way online, not only a good selection but at the best prices online, Curtains2bedding, Speedy, Brooklyn bay window curtain pole sets are amongst the best designs both with other fixings to match which can give you a complete look.

How Do You Measure a Bay Window for a Curtain Pole?

When you first decide you need a curved bay window curtain pole, you may think: Why do I need to measure my bay window? Bay windows are seldom the same size they come in lots of different configurations some with more than 3 window panes some a complete curve with many sides.

If you need more information on what type of bay window you have then consult this super overview on bay windows from

Measuring the bay is important when purchasing a curved window pole kit as you may not have enough pole sections to complete the job. Start by deciding where you want your curtains to hang and how many curtains you are hanging, you may just want two, but quite often bay windows are large and require more than one set of curtains.

Remember you will need a tape measure, a pen or pencil plus a step stool or step ladder, this is a two-handed job for an accurate measurement so get a little help, as mistakes can be costly. Measure where your pole is going to be fitted if that’s not on your window frame it may be the wall above it or ceiling.

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Most importantly don’t forget to add the length where you want your curtains to sit when open as this will be an additional length past the windows. Double-check your measurement and remember to measure in centimetres are most kits are metric.

It’s important to remember to measure the distance between the top of the window and the ceiling as you need at least 10 cm for a curtain pole bracket to fit the wall if this is not available you may need to consider ceiling brackets to attach your curtain pole to.

What Curtains Are Best for Curved Bay Window Curtain Poles?

Not all curtain options are suitable for curved bay window curtain poles, as some are impossible to flow smoothly, it may depend on how many curves you have in your window, as the brackets that hold the poles can stop the ease of openings and closing your curtains.

The most problematic curtains are eyelet bay window curtains or tab top curtains as there are no rings used in these designs, so if you need more than one bracket at each end and one in the middle it’s impossible to have easy movement around your bay window with one pair of curtains.

As a rule, try to use the rings that come with your curved bay window curtain poles these allow you to hang simple tape curtains, pleated or box pleated curtains, any design that can be attached to the rings provided.

There are no limitations on what style or fabrics you choose unlike a conventional plastic curtain rail, whether its heavy velvet prints or plains bay window curtains, designs in cotton synthetic, prints or plains, or a lighter lace or muslin feel you are creating.

Top Tip on Bay Window Curtain Poles: Research Today Buy Once Tomorrow

Next time you need to think about replacing your present curtain system with a curved bay window curtain pole remember its no longer a problem, do your research into the pole that will suit your requirements.

Make sure you measure accurately and fit the brackets as instructed securely into either a wall ceiling or windows frame. Once completed you can choose whatever curtains match in with the wallpaper or carpet or contrast, lightweight or heavy there are no limitations.